Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What happened last night on ECW?

Now that I'm able to watch the Sci-Fi Channel where this program resides I can check it out more than I have been able to in a while. I've accepted that the ECW I was a fan of is no longer with us and that right now it's a WWE brand. What this means is that it won't be that bloodsport and passionate product that I've known it to be.

That being said it was cool that they kept some of the links with the past in Tazz and Joey Styles. Even some of the ECW originals RVD, Sabu, Sandman, Ballz Mahoney, and there are a few others I'm missing. Of course a majority of these individuals are no longer with the company. Tazz is still there, but Joey Styles was pulled off the program a couple or so weeks ago for another position in WWE.

That being said his replacement was Mike Adamle. You might know him as a football player, a former host of the American Gladiators program, and he's the sports guy on Channel 5 in Chicago. I was amazed to find him on WWE Raw as an interviewer and perhaps he should have stayed their instead of becoming a color commentator.

The main event last night feature Kane vs. Chavo Guerro and Bam Neely. Just one problem there was no play by play. Mike Adamle walked out all of a sudden and Taz made a quick plug for an advertiser and apparently we haven't heard from him for the rest of the match either. Apparently he walked off as well.

See Adamle has been bashed since he took this ECW job. It's been the fans, but it also has been some wrestlers or others in the business. They say his announcing is horrid because he can't seem to get the names right nor the moves or even correct wrestling vocabulary.

That being said Adamle's conduct if it was for real was very unprofessional. I surely know that he might be under pressure that he's not performing to the level he wants to, but I'm not sure I wanted to see that on TV. If Tazz had to I would have liked for him to carry the match, too bad he didn't then again I would rather Tazz wrestle in the ring. Still I wouldn't be surprise if Adamle was out of a job by the end of the day.

Then again this might be a storyline. Surely Adamle is aware that people think his announcing is atrocious. Indeed in the moments I did watch ECW instead of sitting at my laptop he seemed to allude to that fact. Still one could either interpret this as part of the storyline or indeed he knows that people don't like the job he's doing and decided to poke fun at it. Either way last night was interesting but I wonder what's up?

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