Monday, April 14, 2008


What's been in the news lately was his comments when he was at a fundraiser in San Francisco. It could be much to do about nothing just like stories about his church or his pastor. Still considering the setting, a posh affluent neighborhood in San Fran. probably makes this news look a lot worse.

Here's a story about the Senator's visit to San Francisco, see it for yourself. Here's a brief round up of links about the "elitist" story. Here's a video of Obama attempting to go on the defense about this and more convincingly than some of the stories I've heard. Oh yeah here's some direct audio as well.

Anyway Andrew Sullivan is saying some positive things about our Senator. I don't agree with Obama on many issues especially his vague solutions which sounds a whole lot like more government programs, still I'm glad that he's running. If only a new style of politics was raising the level of political discourse in America. Of course, that's the only new politics in other areas there's really nothing new about it.

Finally Politico goes back to the bitter remarks. This could be the opening Hillary Clinton is waiting for. The New York Senator and former First Lady has been behind and Obama largely on a roll. Could this be the opening she needs to weaken Obama?

The race is surely close with Obama eking out a small lead, however, it's not enough to lead in votes and delegates. Obama might still have to look out for those superdelegates and they might still make the final decision. If I understand the history correctly the superdelegates are there to strengthen the role of party leaders and their elected officials. Now I hear, the guy who helped create this system regrets the system.

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