Monday, April 07, 2008

Governor signs bill to bypass electoral college for popular vote

I wrote about this legislation last year. In April of 2007 it merely passed the state House and now it's been signed by the Governor. You know it took him a very long time to sign this piece of legislation.

My opinion hasn't changed though, I'm of the belief that it only subverts the will of the people of the state to go with the national popular vote. I really believe that there is a better way of making the system work if there must be insistence that the electoral vote must be linked to the popular vote either statewide or nationwide. The system has to change but I'm not so sure this is it.

This legislation or the idea behind it is very shortsighted since I understand people are still upset about what happened in 2000 with Bush and Gore, but understand that this is the quirks of the system. What's unfortunate is that this legislation is law in not only Illinois now, but also Maryland and New Jersey. It's only three states and who knows in the grand scheme of things if those are only three states in that nation with such a law then Illinois, Maryland, & New Jersey may be of no consequence by November.

Hmm I should do some research on this.

Springboard article from where I stole the title is from WTHI-TV. With hat-tip to The Capitol Fax.

ADDITION: The Illinois Channel blog talks about this post. I didn't realize that this bill would only be effective if most of the states that has a majority (270 electoral votes) in the Electoral College.

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