Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A blogger runs for office in Idaho

I found this post off on InstaPundit on March 30th. I've been wanting to opine about this for a while.

One while I was working about a post on the idea of a passionate blogger being more than a blogger or I could use the term "pajama pundit" and then take an active role in the real world. That's what Clayton Cramer is doing in Idaho, he's running for state senate. And he has a blog, one that he uses to opine on a number of subjects, especially political subjects.

I'm of the school that suggest that if your blog is starting to go along the lines of, "I'm concerned about where things are going in my city, state, or country" then perhaps one should consider going into the dirty game of politics. If not that then certainly there is something one can do other than use a blog as their vehicle for their pontification. It's the school of putting your money where your mouth is.

Perhaps bloggers can be leaders not just loudmouths and actually do something constructive and bring about change wherever they live. In other words, bloggers should get involved. If there's a town hall meeting, a school board meeting, an LSC meeting (a Chicago thing but think school board and you get about the same effect), a city council meeting, a state legislative session, or even a Congressional session a blogger should be there to record things. It might help if said blogger was specialized in what s/he wanted to report on.

Anyway that's my only point, bloggers should get involved in someway. Either be a leader where you live or find a way to get involved. Don't just be a blogger.

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