Monday, March 03, 2008

Former Ald. Dorothy Tillman arrested in Alabama

I thought this was corruption related at first then I really read the article. It seems somewhat reasonable, but it got her arrested. From the Tribune...
Former Chicago alderman and civil rights activist Dorothy Tillman was arrested Sunday in her native Montgomery, Ala., charged with criminal trespassing after a confrontation with hospital officials about her 86-year-old ailing aunt.

Tillman, best known for her work with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and her colorful array of hats, spent 102 minutes in the Montgomery city jail before a local pastor posted $300 bail, jail officials said.

She was charged with criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor, Montgomery police Lt. Ron Cook said.

Tillman, 60, returned to Chicago and said she planned to seek medical attention Monday for injuries suffered during the arrest.

"They knocked me down on the ground. They knocked my hat off. One of them put his knees on my spine and threatened to Taser me," Tillman said during a telephone interview.

Tillman was arrested at 6:32 a.m. and released at 8:14 a.m., authorities said.
Sounds like someone should have cooled their jets! Well you'd have to read the rest of the article to come to that conclusion.

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george obama said...

just another example of thinking they are so high and mighty they do not have to obey the law. Elitist attitude!!

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