Tuesday, March 25, 2008

D.C. Gun Crackdown Meets Community Resistance

I found this story over at InstaPundit this morning. I wonder what angle community leaders are using to oppose this initiative but I am certainly amused that there is resistance.

You know I realize this is their attempt to certainly get the guns off the street of course they're not making a distinction between guns used by criminals vs. those that may be used by law abiding citizens. I also realize that they're not breaking the 4th Amendment by requesting to search your premises especially without a warrant. Of course I could question if asking to search a premises for guns or anything else deemed illegal is reasonable.

This leads me to a story I remember a few years back. Chicago Public Housing residents were so fed up with the violence in their housing projects that they were more than willing to submit to searches for weapons. I was young back then and I wasn't sure whether or not this was a good idea or not, if I thought I had no other recourse to stop the violence who knows I might say yes to that although in the interest of security I would be giving up some of my god-given rights.

I wonder if there is great public support for programs such as this. The unscientific poll with this story says that there isn't, thank goodness. I wonder if people are concerned about their erosion of their rights in the name of security during the last eights years. This or they might be tired of the government trying to determine what's good for the people. That is in this context it's for the good and safety of the public for individuals not to own guns.

I want to know what you think about this out there. I can also ask if there is any such thing as an "illegal firearm". What does that mean? Does that mean a firearm purchased illegally outside of a gun shop?

And let's not be entirely loose here two people should be able to buy a gun from each other but I also understand that criminals have to buy their guns from somewhere and that could be of course another criminal. I'm starting to wonder if "illegal firearms" is a misnomer of sorts. Either way let me know your thoughts on these issues, especially whether or not you would allow the police to search your homes for firearms.

As for DC v. Heller a reader emailed me a couple of links for your perusal. For those of you interested in this case. First link and the second.

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