Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wow! That was fun!

You know this election both locally and nationally might give me good fodder for something to write about for a while. Maybe I'll focus on the material from this election. I kind of liked doing a long post like I did to cover super Tuesday to keep track of things. Anything political or otherwise.

Oh BTW, the hog with the big nuts is no longer the 7th Ward Democratic comitteeman. Ald. Bernard Stone is out as 50th Ward Democratic committeeman. Tony Peraica is the Republican nominee for state's attorney and he'll face Anita Alvarez, that'll be interesting knowing Peraica's aggressive nature. It might not help him though.

Obama of course is closer to edging out Hillary for the Democratic nomination for President. McCain is closer to being the Republican nomination for President with Mitt Ronmey fading fast.

Dr. Steve Sauerberg will face Dick Durbin for his senate seat. Sauerberg is an unknown. You know the whole Republicans haven't developed a bench of sorts. That race is likely to be a quash match, but hopefully Sauerberg will put up something of a fight. Something this state might need from the Republican Party right now.

I hope you enjoyed some of my coverage but gradually I'll offer my thoughts on what caught my eye during this election. Especially some obscure races that I'd like to make less obscure. Other than that I'm calling it a night!

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The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...

While the gap seems to have widened a little more now that some of the "Superdelagates" have been counted, clearly Obama scored a great victory on Super Tuesday showing that he not only has the ability to secure the Democratic Nomination, but to secure traditional hard core Republican Votes in November.

It was telling that he had such strong appeal to high-income white voters, normally the bastion of Republicanism. This tells us how much and how widely W's policies have hurt the nation at all levels.

Looking at CNN's pulldowns of Obama's voter demographics - he truly does have the demographic breadth to win a general election in a way that the Rev. Jackson Sr. was never able to garner, and that even Mrs. Clinton may not have.

One question that haunts me today, as I am sure that it may haunt others, is, what if Dr. King or Malcolm X had lived to older ages, where their influence and leadership had had a greater impact? (I feel that Malcolm X's positions would have become more moderate over the years, perhaps that is incorrect and reflects misunderstanding.)

Could Doctor King have become a presidential or vice presidential candidate later in life had he lived, even though at the time, it was said that he did not expect to live?

One thing is sure, the registration of new voters of all races, is a fundamental priority for anyone who supports Mr. Obama. If they believe in his presidency strongly, if they desire it, if they want it in their hearts, they should begin today, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, but today to convince their friends, co-workers and relatives to register to vote even before talking to them about who to vote for, because odds are, that that first hurdle having been passed, those frustrated enough to vote in the general election, will vote for change, and if perchance Obama does not win the Democratic nomination, the large, an immense number of new voter registrations before the Democratic convention will convince Senator Clinton to make him the VIce-Presidential nominee, which otherwise is not a sure thing at all.

One less important question is whether sales of the Obama "name game" t-shirts will really help his campaign! (;-)>

Perhaps "Obama Girl will favor us with a music video, "Obama-bama-fo-fama-fi-fie-fo-fama-Obama!"

Peter, Editor and Political Pun-Dit
The Peter FIles Blog of Comedy, Satire, Jokes, Commentary (this) and Videos

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