Monday, January 21, 2008

I have a dream....

Yet another MLK post and you'll see that other post that I posed about a Russ Stewart Column again sometime tomorrow! I found this over at the Hotline on Call blog today.

This caused me to look back at one of my previous posts because I remembered something I heard on a program highlighting the election of Mayor Harold Washington the first black mayor of Chicago. Let me pull out a paragraph I wrote...
I heard this program a while back and I'm so glad that I can hear this once again. And an addition that they talk about the presidential candidacy of US Senator Barack Obama. A famous black lawyer and judge, Eugene Pincham, mentioned that Dr. Martin Luther King was not a well liked man when he was alive but when he was murdered and couldn't lead anyone anymore, he got a holiday. Then Pincham says that Mayor Washington on the other hand is not going to get those same accolades because Washington is likely to inspire people from beyond the grave.
So hopefully you read that paragraph and this begs the question. What does this mean? What does he mean when he says that Dr. King was murdered and he couldn't lead anymore while Mayor Washington could still lead people from beyond the grave?

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