Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bus operators get shielded from attacks

You can place this in the "what's the point column". This story is about CTA experimenting with shields for bus drivers...
Another operator, Tyrone Jordan, a South Sider who drives the No.79-79th Street route, said he was attacked for the first time in his 13-year CTA career in October, when a teenage boy and three girls boarded his bus.

Jordan said the group was talking loudly, but he ignored them so as "not to feed into anything."

Minutes later, the boy sidled up to the driver's seat as Jordan pulled to a stop, punched him in the face and ran off the bus, Jordan said. "People spit on us, cuss at us, and security, to me, is real light," Jordan, 46, said. "I was lucky that in my case, police caught the guy. All I ended up with was a little bruise, but what happens if someone seriously hurts you?"
So punks like the one who assaulted this driver take advantage of the fact that a bus driver is buckled in his seat and with the idea that the bus driver won't react in time. Although I have to admit I'm glad the police were able to catch him just to teach him a lesson. The police can find you!

I'm sure bus drivers are a rough group there are some one shouldn't play with in a dark alley. So if dude knew he was getting himself in trouble by doing this, especially with the bus driver, I'll bet he'd be smart enough not to do it. As it was, he's being a coward!

You know this story almost reminds me of the fact that Greyhound drivers have an obstruction that protects them from encroaching passengers and any type of assault they might make on the driver. There's a shielf behind them but there also like a door of sorts that they close before they pull off. Therefore no one can come around that shield and assault them, especially while the bus itself is in motion.

Just something to consider.

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