Monday, January 28, 2008

Bond for Tony Rezko revoked

Have you noticed I have yet to touch this story with even a mile long pole? This man has his tentacles everywhere even to the point that even Hillary Clinton can't really use Rezko against Obama. Hey let's talk about that.

I haven't really kept up with this case. In fact Marathon Pundit has done a better job of this than I have. The main connect between Sen. Obama and Rezko was the deal that was brokered between them on a piece of property where the Obama family lives in Hyde Park/Kenwood.

I should also note that Rezko is a fundraiser, which is probably why you see him taking a pic with the Clinton's during their era in the White House. Still this Rezko business now that Rezko's bond has been revoked is the one thing that is likely to hurt the Senator chances for the Democratic nomination. Let's see what happens with this story.

Oh I should mention another Illinois pol has his hands dirty with Tony Rezko. I'm referring to our governor. He was mentioned in a piece by Chicago magazine that I blogged about recently.

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