Monday, January 28, 2008

Best thing I ever read today

All this talk about providing health care coverage whether it's in the form of universal health care coverage provided by the government or whatever this idea appeals to me. Mike Psak, a truck driver with an MBA from DePaul University running for the Republican nomination for US Senate, gave us his idea of health care reform...
Although many truck drivers are independent proprietors, he said he has not heard many complaints about the health care system. He says employers should stop providing health insurance, and government involvement should be limited.

"We are not going to see reductions in the cost of health care until we re-establish the patient as the customer,'' he said.
Imagine that we as patients are the customer. Health insurance providers or perhaps more accurately employers who offer health insurance are nothing more than middle men. Watching John Stossel's program on health care the only thing insurance companies are good for are forcing doctors to shuffle the necessary paper work.

BTW, the article from the Southtown Star today is basically one about the Republican candidates for US Senate against Sen. Richard Durbin. Psak has the right idea unfortunately they'll (Republicans) be the jobbers and will lose to Durbin this year. Sorry!

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