Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chicago sued over cell phone ban while driving

To be sure cell-phones are a great luxury but I'm often irritated at how so many people take this luxury for granted. I'm irritated a people who might choose to talk on the phone while walking down the street. Then there are those who choose to talk on the phone while they drive. Especially if they are holding the phone to their own ear.

There are better ways of conducting your business especially if you must be on the phone while you drive. Still I don't know what to make of this story from Crain's...
Chicago's ban on motorists using hand-held cell phones is being challenged in court.
A Chicago law firm said it has filed a federal lawsuit because the city failed to put up signs giving drivers proper notice of the law after it was passed in May 2005.

The lawsuit claims the city has wrongly collected more than $2 million in revenue as a result of the more than 25,000 tickets that have been issued.

Fines start at $50 and up for violators.

City Law Department spokeswoman Jennifer Hoyle said they will review the lawsuit but disagree that the city was required to post signs.
Oh I thought this was about liberty. Nevermind still it seems fair if there was fair warning about the law, although if you live in the Chicagoland area this was blaring all over the media when it passed and went into effect. Whether or not you only read the papers, listen to the radio, or watch the TV.

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