Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bobby Rush: Mitchell Report Goes Beyond Baseball

He's going to do something about performance enhancing substances in sports. From CBS2Chicago...
This week, Congress will get involved in the baseball steroid scandal with hearings and potential investigations. Rep. Bobby Rush will also introduce a steroid bill, as CBS 2's Katie McCall reports.

Congressman Bobby Rush (D-Chicago) says the impact of the Mitchell Report extends far beyond Major League Baseball.

"The pattern of behavior documented in this report undermines Americans faith in honesty and fairness in many sports," Rush said.

Rush lamented the steroid use revealed in the report, which included the names of 91 players, 33 all stars, and 10 MVPs. He applauded Sen. George Mitchell for bringing the shameful truth out into the night.

"He hit a home run for the American people," Rush said.

For his part, Rush is promising to introduce legislation next year that will hold players, coaches and even owners accountable for doping not just in baseball, but in all professional sports.

"Congress has no point but to step up to the plate, get drugs out of America's pastime," Rush said.

The legislation says Rush will resemble standards set forth by the World Anti-Doping Agency, and will require frequent, independent testing of athletes and strict fines for violators.

Rush also wants to develop easier tests for Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Right now, a blood test is required to detect use of the hormone and he says unions have stood in the way of having athletes submit to those tests.

Most importantly, says Rush, he wants to reach young athletes and hammer home this message.

"Steroid use is not the way to succeed in sports," he said.
I haven't really followed this story, but I must admit that I was highly shocked to find out that Yankees baseball pitcher Roger Clemens was named in this report. Then again it makes since because he's still in the game, even after being in his 40s. Then again people do have some longevity in the game of baseball. Does anyone remember Charlie Hough, his signature pitch is the knuckleball?

Anyway there is one thing that baseball is going to get over, Barry Bonds.

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