Saturday, November 03, 2007 announces a transit rally

It's right smack-dab on the homepage where a rally is to be held on Monday. It's of course in light of the news from yesterday that there's been another band-aid that allows the CTA to continue running without service interuptions until the end of the year. Let give you the details...

The state has provided another short-term funding fix -- CTA® and Pace will operate full schedules on Monday, Nov. 5th -- but we still need a permanent fix to regional transit funding!

Help make it clear that supporting and expanding transit is critical to the region's future. Join the rally at the Thompson Center Plaza on Monday at noon to demand an end to funding band-aids!

  • What: A rally to expand transit - and hold our elected officials accountable!
  • When: Monday, November 5th at Noon
  • Where: Thompson Center Plaza (Randolph/Clark in the Loop)

  • I won't be there but hopefully someone will give a record of what happened there.

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