Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Check this out!!!

A series of commercials from that historic Mayoral election in Chicago back in 1983. It was produced by current Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet. We see commericials from the combatants in that campaign: Jayne Byrne (incumbent mayor in 1983), Richard M. Daley (who was then Cook County State's Attorney and is the current mayor of Chicago), Harold Washington (at that point in time he represented Chicago in the 1st Congressional District), and the Republican opposition Bernard Epton. I didn't see the whole vid but the commercials were amazing not much different than what you'd see today, but some seem quite cheezy today.

This apparently aired on this WTTW program Image Union and this documentary was brought to us by Kevin Robinson from Chicagoist. After this vid was taken down from Vimeo he found alternate hosting. If that goes down then I'll have to find a way to host it myself.

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