Friday, November 30, 2007

Ald. Brookins Sued Over Law Office Rent

Hmm, I wonder if this revelation could hurt his chances at being the Democratic nominee for Cook County State's Attorney. We'll have to see, I saw this story earlier and let's be honest here it's not good if he isn't very attention to his business. From CBS2...
Ald. Howard Brookins (21st) faces eviction from his law office and campaign headquarters because he's failed to pay the rent for six months.

That's according to a lawsuit filed this week against Brookins -- a candidate for Cook County state's attorney -- and his former law partner, Judge Thaddeus Wilson.

Brookins, a Democrat, learned of the lawsuit from the Chicago Sun-Times, but said he and his landlords at 100 N. La Salle had been "going back and forth" about the rent owed and he was surprised it had advanced to legal action.

"I need to go talk to them and figure this out," Brookins said. "I'd been working with those guys and I was not aware of this."

Last week, Brookins' 17th-floor Loop office was served with an eviction notice, along with paperwork saying there was $41,819.18 in unpaid rent. That gave Brookins five days to pay up or make plans to get out.

On Wednesday, the landlord -- 100 N. La Salle St. LLC -- filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court, asking a judge to boot Brookins and force him to pay the back rent.

Attorneys for the landlord did not return calls.

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