Friday, October 05, 2007

Why Marrying For Money is Never a Good Idea

This post was too good to pass up. From Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection where apparently he got this from another blog where this post actually originates. I won't block quote it so you're gonna have to go to those links and have a looksie.

Anyway this is good advice those yound ladies who insist on having a man with a lot of money especially the younger they are. This woman was so desperate she put out an ad on Craigslist looking for some advice on how to get a rich man. Or at least a rich man making $500,000 which is middle class to her (she says middle class in New York City is $1 million/year). Reminds me of this character that used to be on Girlfriends who insisted that wearing round toed shoes makes her poor, she was extremely superficial.

Anyway a man responded to her with a very harsh response. It's pretty funny too that he likens this woman to a car referring to her as a depreciating asset. Her beauty will fade and he might still have his money and that means he'd rather lease her than buy her. That's pretty harsh isn't it? Unfortunately that's what you get if you're doing this for the money based on your looks alone.

She provided examples of plain Janes wives who are boring and offer nothing to their rich big shot husbands. A though occured to me, perhaps these men actually love these women. Maybe they were there for them since day one money or not. See this woman proved herself even more shallow.

Like I said go take a read. I'm sure everyone has an opinion on it.

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