Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This has taken my interest in recent days

Well I saw in this video from Wandering West Michigan that one can actually make their own beer. Someone can literally have their own breweries in their own homes and it doesn't require any expensive equipment. All you need are pots and pans and buckets. You might also need the recipe and the necessary ingredients.

Anyway this sparked an interest in seeing if blacks have started their own breweries or at the very least have a microbrewery. It seems that Google hasn't been a great help. I have to look far and wide to find a good website or article on any blacks in the brewing business. To be sure however there are plenty in the business of serving alchohol. Besides all they do down here in Atlanta is promote an event at some club.

Still, why shouldn't a black businessman get into that business. And let's be honest here, unfortunately blacks like to drink. It can be as much of a detriment as it could be anything else.

That reminds me (I imagine that I have to search far and wide for this too). I remember over a decade ago some black ministers were attempting to market this liquor to their communities. Hey why not? Since they know blacks like to drink why not get some of that money into the black community instead of it going elsewhere. At the same time I thought it was messed up.

Think about it, ministers cashing in on the fact that blacks like to drink. I would have thought they would have attempted to discover ways of discouraging it instead of profiting off it. Yes I am referring to their capacities as religious leaders. A person without a cloth or a businessman would probably be better spokesmen than a minister. At I thought so.

So anyway here are links to two articles I have found out there about black-owned breweries.

This first is about what is considered the very first black owned brewery in this country called People's Brewery. It didn't last long because it came at a time when consolidation was the rule of the day and the brewing giants (probably Miller and Budweiser) ruled supreme. Ultimately though the brewery was finished.

The owner's of this brewery didn't just face resistance from white customers...

Mack told the Star, "The Whites are saying that they don't want no n----- beer and I don't know what the Blacks are doing." He balked at accusations that Peoples beer wasn't up to snuff.

As difficult as Indiana was, Mack cited figures that it took only a week in Gary to sell as much Peoples beer as he sold in Milwaukee in a month, and his disappointment was clear.

"Here you have over 100,000 Black people saying we want to do our thing and when you give them this opportunity, they don't respond."
Well this has been a common complaint especially now when black urban communities have been struggling. People complain that blacks refuse to patronize their own neighborhood businesses. There are a few blacks who are obsessed with this, I could even say they came from that era where it was cool to do that. Although I've read things out there about how black business owners could learn a thing or two about customer service.

And here's another article about Black Pride Beer. I've never even heard of them and it's not like I go around looking for beer. It appears that the beer was discontinued in 1972. And this business was close to home based right out of Chicago.

You know I was talking to a friend who thought this product was racist. Well that's going to be another post. I'm gonna have to explain that, at least if it needs one.

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