Friday, October 19, 2007

In or out, Mr. Congressman?

Mike Dumke from Clout City takes aim at Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and perhaps I can consider this piece a sort of call to action. Especially for someone who's speculated as being interested in the mayor's job and talks a good game, but doesn't go forward. As a result he's forced to use his research as he seeks Chicago's mayoralty and write an op/ed in the Chicago Tribune to oppose the mayor he could have faced this past February who is attempting to institute some tax hikes in the city of Chicago.

To be perfectly honest, I have come to the conclusion that Rep. Jackson has some socialist tendencies. I wouldn't put it past Mr. Jackson that he'd have proposed some taxes like these. Of course instead of having to plug up budget deficits as Daley is doing right now I'm sure he would have put this new revenue into the public schools and health services and perhaps other projects Jackson could have in mine. Still I wonder if there would be rumblings on the City Council or even amongst city residents as there appear to be right now.

You know if only the Congressman has a crystal ball, and who knows he probably could have seen this a mile away, it would have been nice if he went after Daley on it. On the other hand if I had seen this a mile away, I wouldn't have faced Daley and let the mayor suffer this painful proposal. Hey if it was me at least I wouldn't have to make the tough choices of raising taxes and then facing the wrath. In another few years I can always come in and say that I'll save the day taxpayers.

Anyway read on. If you've got an opinion speak on it.

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