Monday, October 15, 2007

How about some Rich Miller today

Rich Miller's syndicated column. If you don't know already he has this newsletter and blog that covers politics in Illinois. This column you can find in the Daily Southtown among other places.

Anyway today's column talks about goofiness downstate. He really goes after the governor, but he also has other people to go after. Like Sen. Bill Brady, who wants to be governor in 4 years. Then there's Senate President Emil Jones. Then there's aspiring congressional candidate Sen. Chris Lauzen. Then there's Speaker Michael J. Madigan who though he may be a part of this circut down there, I do see him as the only true adult in the state capitol. I hate to say that too.

Anyway I want to get at Blagojevich for a minute. Back in August he was doing a line-item veto on the budget passed by the legislature. His line-item vetoes were seen as political in nature as he directed those vetoes against those who opposed him and those whose support he needed. He needed the State Senate so he didn't cut many of those funds that was directed towards them. He was apparently selective in the house because he needed some support from there as well.

So then Miller makes the following observation...
A couple of weeks ago, Blagojevich announced he was using some of the money he vetoed from the budget to pay for free mammograms for Illinois women. The money really wasn't coming from the vetoes, which I've already told you before, and there already is lots of money for mammograms in the state budget.

What I didn't tell you before was that Blagojevich actually vetoed a $40,000 appropriation to a group called Sisters Embracing Life. The money was supposed to be used to provide breast exams for minority women. Perfect.
OK after that last paragraph I haven't decided if I should be upset or cynical. I wonder how well he did amongst blacks for re-election last year.

Oh well I can just say this is all politics. It's unfortunate that these funds just so happen to be a victim while this governor talks about how he wants to help give women free mammograms.

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