Friday, October 19, 2007


Last year I had pictures. This year I left my camera at home. So all I have right now is the written word.

I want to mention something. Last year's homecoming maybe just a few minutes before homecoming I was walking alongside a famous Morehouse alumnus. He's made these wonderful movies over the years.

Such films as Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, School Daze, Mo Better Blues, Get on the Bus, and more recently Inside Man. And yes I am talking about Spike Lee and no I didn't even say hello. I don't know how to act around celebrities and they may not want attention. Beside how do I know what's going on in their state of mind. So I ran into one of my favorite movie producers and directors. If I had a pen and paper an autograph would have been requested assuming I didn't have to pay for it.

Anyway I might go to coronation tonight for Miss Maroon & White or Miss Morehouse College. Yes I suppose we have queens too since you know Morehouse is an all-male school. Last night was Miss Spelman College's coronation and I went to that last year, this year I left after a few minutes because I wasn't feelin it. Let me just tell you that Spelman has a beautiful campus, you should look at my Flickr AUC slideshow, where you will see pictures from Morehouse, Spelman, Clark-Atlanta University and Morris Brown College.

BTW, did I mention that Spelman college is an all-female school. So it's somewhat fitting that not only do they have a Miss Spelman college but they also have a Mr. Blue and White. Just as Morehouse has a Ms. Maroon and White.

Anyway the game is tomorrow where I hear we're playing Clark Atlanta University. We'll see how that goes, but what's great is to see the alumni and all the Greeks (you know the AKAs, Alphas, Sigmas, Kappas, Deltas, Zetas, & Iotas . Absolutely no disrepect to those orgs I've not listed it's only because I've not seen much of a presence here for you).

There's a huge tailgate before the game. It almost seems to be corporatized because the last two years Chevrolet represented at the homecoming. And they're certainly not the only ones. All the same there's a big party going on there.

Anyway I'm just giving you the flavor of what goes on down here at a HBCU. Perhaps you might wanna visit one day even if you don't personally know anybody here or at least anybody who has gone to school in these parts.

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The Advisor said...

Corporatized? Even if that was a word, I'd hardly call two tents and a few cars a sign that sponsors have taken over Homecoming. If anything, they may need more.
Most of the tents were for Alumni, frats and sorors, small vendors, or school organizations. If I hadn't had a leg cast and the place was less crowded, I might have made it to the Step Show in Forbes. haha

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