Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gary May Lose Bus Service

I was gonna compare the situation with the CTA and their "doomsday scenarios" with this story I just found from Gary, Indiana. Though to be fair Gary is a much smaller city in not only land area but also in population compared to Chicago. Losing their bus system I suspect is basically just a confimation that Gary is a struggling city.

Here's what happened...
The funding was pulled because the Gary Public Transit Corporation apparently mismanaged the 4-million-dollars it received from the Federal Transit Administration.

Federal authorities say Gary is now ineligible to receiving funding for its city-wide bus service.

That’s leaving Mayor Rudy Clay and the Gary City Council trying to either convince the feds to restore the grant, or finding additional money somewhere else.

But right now, the city says it doesn’t have a way to recoup the cost, which may mean bus service could end by January.
So it's mismanagement the thing that cost a lot of governmental organizations money is mismanagement. Chicago may not be Gary but there's a problem with that accross the border in this state. Unforuntately mismanagement is going to cost Gary its bus system.

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