Tuesday, October 30, 2007

County Board members get 27% hike for offices

Interesting how the county seems strapped for cash yet somehow there's money for offices. I could apply this to raises for state official and city alderman. From the Sun-Times...
Enough of the belt-tightening, already -- it's time to spend some money again.

That's what some Cook County Commissioners said Monday in defending what is a 27 percent increase in spending for their offices and new jobs for each one of them.

Board President Todd Stroger is proposing the hikes as part of his 2008 budget, and while some say they won't take it, others say they want it and more.

"I'm not going to cut any staff -- I'm just not going to do it," said Commissioner Earlean Collins, the only commissioner to defy demands last year to cut 17 percent from her office budget.

Commissioner Tim Schneider said he never asked for, nor will he take, the $90,000 in extra salaries Stroger is offering his office, saying the county's "in dire straits" and the board should "keep county government at the most efficient level we can" by giving back extra money.

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