Friday, October 12, 2007

Chatham Pancake House, 700 E 87th St

Over at Illinoize right now Bill Baar links to a blog that basically is a review of pancake houses around the state so I figured why not discuss the Chatham Pancake House. I should admit that I don't know much about the menu at this place except they make a good omlet here apparently.

Anyway, I hear about how neighborhood business people in Chatham host breakfast meetings there. The Alderman here would host a breakfast meeting here. Across the street is the main branch of Seaway National Bank. The officers there might go over there and have a breakfast meeting here.

I would recall that this place was closed down at least once in my lifetime. It's open now, but you'd better get here early because I heard that this place closes at 3PM during the week. I don't know the business hours on the weekend.

I imagine that they'd be open on the weekends, however, they may not do good business at that time. They may have good business on Sundays for the church going crowd. Then again I don't really have anyway of knowing that.

So anyway, this is probably the only entry for pancake houses that I'm gonna do here. I wish I can say that I took this picture myself. I didn't but YoChicago did and posted this on their Flickr account.

If you pass through the far south side you should drop by this place and then tell me what you think of this place.


Bill Baar said...

Isn't this a great blog! This is what I love about bump into these people who are checking every pancake house in NE Illinois....

JP Paulus said...

They're open 7am - 3pm 7 days a week.

We went there Sunday before Salem Baptist's noon service, and it was quite busy. We in fact ran into an old friend from Uptown there.

It didn't totally blow me away (the Pancakes at Mather's More than a Cafe on 83rd near Michigan DID impress me), but it is a good local business,.

The current owner actually started basically at the bottom at the Pancake House, and now has become the owner.

Definitely a place to support!

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