Thursday, September 27, 2007

I posted about the body found in Calumet City this afternoon...

At about 1PM about Nailah Franklin and the body found in the Cal City forest preserves I have deleted this post...
Apparently it is Nailah Franklin. Now the next question I would like to know is what happened to her. And At least until there's more in the news about the circumstances around her disappearance and death I think this might be the last update I'm going to post on this story. Very tragic.
Well I see a lot of people are out there writing her obituary already and while that may very well be her body they found the reports I've seen so far doesn't solidly confirm that she was identified. I saw out there that this body was badly decomposed. Could they identify a woman who was decomposed assuming we're talking about a facial decomposition. Well the only people who know are the police and I suppose Franklin's family.

I was trying to get at a couple of stories from Channel 2 but at this moment I can't get to 'em. Instead I have this article from FOX 32 in Chicago that says that neither authorities nor her relatives have confirmed the indentity of this person's body. She may still be out there ladies and gentleman but we'll see whenever they identify this body.

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