Monday, August 20, 2007

Q&A with Janks Morton

Thanks to Bill Baar's West Side I got wind of this program about the producer of a documentary What Black Men Think. BTW, I put the Bill Barr link in my and the documentary blog.

Anyway I really enjoyed the interview and the clips. The clips you will see the following faces that I recognize. Faces such as Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Dr. John H. McWhorter, and even Juan Williams. I heard Louis Farrakhan is in there but I missed that part that is if it's in there. I should also note that the director had invited Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Julian Bond (whom they only referred to as the NAACP Chairman) declined to participate in this movie.

One thing you should know before you watch the movie is that there is a lot more good news than you mind find in the MSM. There were more black men in college than in jails. They cover this in the movie. You'll see that in Q&A.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this and then you get to have a copy of this documentary to enjoy.

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Bill Baar said...

I watched the c-span interview with the producer last night.

They played the clip of Janks Morton asking kids the question: are there more Black men in prison than College, and without a pause they all answered prison. Which is completely wrong, but everyone had been conditioned to say just the opposite.

The really inspirational thing about this movie too is Janks Morton seems to have made this whole film single handed. I mean so single handedly that he set up a camera, turned it on, and then walked in front of it to start talking.

Really impressive example of how a person can use technology today and make a powerful point.

Thanks for the link Levois.

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