Sunday, August 26, 2007

More on the two girls who were shot yesterday...

From the Tribune...
On Friday night, the two teens, both honor roll students at Fenger High School, were talking with a young man in the first block of East State Street in the Roseland neighborhood when they were shot, police and family members said.

Brown and Ross stopped about 10:30 p.m. to chat with an acquaintance they knew from the neighborhood when two men approached. The male with whom the teens were talking had been in two previous confrontations with the other men that day, family members said.

"They came and walked between Patrice and Taniya, walked about five or six steps past them, then one of the boys turned and started shooting," said Brown's grandmother, Darlene Brown. "That's how they ended up in the crossfire."

No one was in custody, and there was no indication the victims were anything more than innocent bystanders, said Chicago Police Officer Tom Polick. The male Brown and Ross had been talking to was not hit.

Brown, 17, lives in the first block of East 101st Street; Ross, 18, lives nearby in the 10100 block of South State Street.
At least I know a little bit more than what Channel 2 said about this story yesterday. As per usual someone is caught in the crossfire between two rivals. The story of violence unfortunately.

How are these two young ladies doing today?

Patrice Brown's heart was still beating Saturday in an Oak Lawn hospital, but it was small comfort to her loved ones. The 17-year-old high school student was brain-dead after a bullet pierced her neck and shattered her spine, family members said.

Eleven miles north, her close friend Taniya Ross was in critical condition as doctors at Stroger Hospital tried to stop internal bleeding from a bullet that had punctured her lungs.
Saturday afternoon, Brown's mother, Pat, watched as nurses readied her daughter for one more brain scan in Advocate Christ Medical Center, a test she and her family knew was unlikely to offer any hope of recovery.

"They're going to run another scan to see if there's any sign of brain activity," Pat Brown said. "If not, then we'll have to make the decision whether to keep her on life support. It's hard, because you want your baby to say something to you and you ache for that -- you ache for that, but you know you can't get it."

Pat Brown said she and her mother were driving home from their bowling league in Blue Island when they learned Patrice had been shot.

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