Thursday, August 16, 2007

Governor Rallies Support With Elvis Impersonation

You know it seemed this past week and maybe late last week, that maybe this budget impasse will end. Unfortunately, it seems that there is going to be one more curveball. And that news came sometime this week.

In Illinois at least since the budget wasn't approved in a timely fashion. Mainly before June 1st or a little earlier than that a budget vote requires that three-fifths of the members of the General Assembly must approve a budget in overtime session. It seems they go there.

But wait there's more. Now Blagojevich, who's made health care his priority after winning his re-election is going to go the route of the line item veto to reach his initiative. This is going to run into more problems so his solution to getting health care still isn't full proof.

Hey check out this CBS2 article about the disunity on this issue amongst the Democrats. The Democratic party controls both houses of the legislature and all executive offices and they're really not working very well with each other. A Senate president in the pocket of a governor many see as inept and the personality clash between the House speaker, the Governor and even the Senate President.

Watch the accompanying video too. Look at Governor Blagojevich tried to sing. For some reason it just doesn't sound right...
Rod Blagojevich tried to rally support for his budget plan by treating the crowd to an Elvis Presley song, although the Governor changed the refrain, singing, “I’m just a red-blooded boy and I can’t stop thinking about health care, health care, health care!”
It seems a mess down there doesn't it?

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