Monday, June 04, 2007

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I'm looking especially at the excerpts from various columns and editorials from around the state. A lot of it bashed the Governor and bashed him good. It just might have confirmed my belief that Blagojevich is a bad politician.

Hopefully he has learned that he has to work with legislators even if he does have the support of Senate President Emil Jones. BTW, this has been in the news since Friday that he didn't have a very good day with a legislator seeking money for his local university. Hopefully he will learn he can't do that either and expect support for an issue that he wants to push through.

A lot of people have noted his ability to pit different groups in this state against each other. For the purposes of his gross receipt tax that got voted down unanimously in the IL house (107 to ZERO) that what he did pitting the fat cats (or business owners or big corporations) against the common man who don't have health insurance. It obviously didn't work for him.

Not too long ago rumors or reports had it that he wants to run for a third term as governor. It doesn't seem that way now, but then again, I didn't think he'd score re-election last year. I would wonder if what we were seeing last week was a general pattern that we're going to be seeing. I recall there have been sessions like this since he has become governor.

Oh yeah and what is it with the Democratic control of government. Why isn't it going as smoothly as many are complaining in the state's editorial pages? Does Blagojevich insist on being a protector or an advocate of the common man that he has to throw working with the legislature our of the window?

There are other issues that can't seem to get much agreement. I want to a neighborhood meeting where most of the meeting was about electric rates with a rep from ComEd discussing the programs of his company to help those people cope with electric rates. I understand that the house has passed such a bill, but who knows if it will be approved and signed into law.

Also I remember there was a post card addressed to IL Speaker of the House Michael Madigan with the idea to send it in to his office letting him know that there is support among the citizenry for property tax relief (man do I wish I can find that post card, when I do I will scan and post it). There doesn't seem to be much support for even that. Maybe I'll send that bad boy in when I can get my hands on it. Just in time for the legislative session.

Anyway there isn't too many quotes here. Just links to interesting items, I hope you have a looksy. It's safe to say that in Illinois we're living in either interesting or maddening times. It just depends on how you look at it.

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