Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Shield

Oh boy I only regret that I haven't been watching the current season from the beginning. Last season one of the members of the Strike Team, Lem, was killed by his partner Shane by a grenade. A shocking conclusion that I've never had a chance to see at least only in flashbacks.

Shane did this without a clue to his friend Vic Mackey and Ronnie. The first episode of the season I saw tied up some loose ends. First Shane admitted that he killed Lem and Mackey is obviously upset saying that if he doesn't get out of Mackey's sight he will kill him. It appears Shane isn't coming back to the Strike Team. Shane's misdeed from last season was eating him up inside and it came to a head.

This episode dealt with the aftermath. His wife didn't know where Shane was and she came to the barn looking for him. And then mentioned a few magic words and got very uncomfortable with Mackey. Shane and his family makes plans to leave LA although Shane plans to use what he knows about Mackey against him should his former partner ever come after him.

He even went to the wife of an old foe, who used to be a higher up in the LAPD before he was disgraced and murdered in Mexico. He was hoping to get some Mexican money contacts doing this by blackmailing her, exposing the truth to her daughters about what happened to her husband. Mackey is left to clean up that mess at least before he runs into Shane near the end of the episode.

Mackey and Shane are in their respective vehicles when Shane drops an envelope into Mackey's lap with evidence and documentation of the misdeeds of the strike team. Shane says that if anything happens to him, his wife, mailman or anyone close to him that the original copies will be left with Internal Affairs. This surely was enough to give Det. Vic Mackey pause as he is close to being forced out and retired by the LAPD.

Oh man this series is getting deep. From season one to now, Mackey seemed to keep getting very close to his own arrest, trial, and conviction. That would be an awesome end to an awesome series. And this isn't even the last season yet.

Can't wait for next week's episode.

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