Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I went to a community meeting Tuesday evening

An important topic of discussion was the electric rates that were debated earlier this year. A very animated representative from ComEd dropped by my community to talk about ComEd's programs. He spent the better part of an hour taking the brunt of the frustration of the handful of people who bothered to attend this meeting.

This rep continued to state emphatically that ComEd must buy the power high but sell it low. I suppose that was what the rate freeze was supposed to do. This rep mentioned that the rate freeze lasted about nine years. Now ComEd doesn't want a rate freeze saying that will cause problems.

I'll get into what this rep attempted to present as far a programs for those who are affected by the rate increases later on. It's funny that this went on because well electric rates aren't really the big news right now. It's the budget battle in Springfield.

Well the big players in Springfield and that includes the leaders of the Illinois House and Senate as well as the Governor of Illinois can't seem to compromise on this budget. Not just whether or not to freeze electric rates. I found something at this meeting I didn't expect to see. I think I'll show that to you later as well.

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