Saturday, April 21, 2007

There are two new websites this week

From two of Chicago's major papers with, surely, the basic idea of encouraging this idea of citizen journalism. In an era where we see people on the frontlines way before any journalist or TV camera crews it's probably just as important to bring the people in. And what a great idea it is.

It's not only that. Newspapers can't easily cover everything that goes on in a particular community. That is since the Sun-Times and Tribune have a wide market area, mainly the city and its suburbas as well as northwest Indiana it's probably going to be impossible for a given paper to gear its content towards a specific area.

That's where you the citizen come in. These days we have sites such as Flickr, YouTube, and there's Blogger where a person can tell their own stories about what's going on in their communities. And we see that the Sun-Times and Tribune are jumping on the bandwagon, although, for right now they're focused on the suburbs. So when you get an opportunity check em out and see what they offer.


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