Monday, April 30, 2007

Pen & Teller on Wal-Mart Hatred

From their Showtime program Bullsh*t. We see an appearance by the infamous Joe Moore, the alderman of Chicago's 49th ward. I wonder if Pen & Teller wanted to do a show about Foie Gras one of the alderman's initiatives in the city of Chicago. Anyway this video addresses his Wal-Mart hatred that took the form of a big-box ordinance that he attempted to push thru the Chicago City Council last summer. This episode really tears into Joe Moore. I could have sworn I saw this talked about on blogs in the 49th Ward before the recent runoffs or even the general elections back in February. And they even brought in Emma Mitts ,alderman of the 37th Ward who's the reciepient of the Wal-Mart where one of her constituents who's also interviewed in this episode works.

Oh yeah the title should be a hint of some strong language and for some insane reason you will see some brief nudity. Keep that in mind if you choose to watch this video.

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And this video from artistmac on YouTube, I never posted it here but he takes a long drive and pays a visit to the Austin neighborhood Wal-Mart.

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