Monday, February 16, 2009

CLASSIC: I was at an Obama rally!!!

Originally I posted this at one of my blogs, the Eye or My Mind's Eye, but I no longer update that blog. Anyway I took this picture on a Saturday back on April 14, 2007 over at Georgia Tech and wrote a blog about this day. Had no idea that he'd be our sitting President in less than two years time.

BTW, I decided to take some of the posts that I have over at the Beta and post them here. Most of the post I have at the Beta were either videos or mobile photos that I had originally posted at the Eye. If you never went to either the Eye or Beta you will see most of them here. I will roll them out gradually, especially important if I may have nothing on any particular day.

BTW, here are some more pictures I took on that day and those definitely weren't mobile images.

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