Monday, February 26, 2007

Rev. Al Sharpton is related to Sen. Strom Thurmond...

You know I ran across this story look at my various subscriptions to blogs. In fact I've saved these links in my Google Shared items. This was even in the Sun-Times today as well. I have it in my links. This is weird.

To be sure in slavery times it was no doubt uncommon that slaves engages in "relationships" with their owners. They can either be mutual or not I imagine. Most of us don't know what might show up in our genetic family trees. All I know is that I do have a Native American ancestor.

I would question why this could be news but I don't know this is still an interesting revelation.

Who Cares? by Second City Cop

1 comment: aka The Urban Reporter said...

I think that the irony is what makes it news. The fact that a black leader and a racist senator are linked... the thing is all of us are linked to slavery some kind of way.

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