Wednesday, February 28, 2007

3 Aldermen lost

The big three too. In the wards I wanted to watch but the biggest upset I saw was Sandi Jackson (wife of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.) over Darcel Beavers in the 7th Ward. I didn't see that one coming, the other two I could see it, but man I thought that Beavers machine would have kept that seat.

So let's see former Alderman and current Cook County Commissioner Bill Beavers who is also the 7th Ward Democratic Committeeman was able to get Todd Stroger into the President's chair at Cook County and was able to succeed former President John Stroger (Todd's dad) as a commissioner of the 4th district of Cook and yet he was unable to keep his seat warm with his daughter. For some reason this gave me a very bright smile. And this proves one thing the Jackson had the pull and the "hog with the big nuts" is scratching his head this morning.

BTW, check out this Mark Brown column in the Sun-Times talking about that contest...

And now you have to wonder how far the Jackson family can take its dynasty. It seems unlikely it will want to stop with a congressman and an alderman and a man who ran for president.

William Beavers remains on the County Board for now, having just been elected to a four-year term, so his dynasty isn't dead yet. A few weeks back, Beavers was quoted as saying: "I'm the hog with the big nuts." Ever since then, I've been wanting to get him to translate, but when I cornered him Tuesday night, he declined.

"If I said it, whoever I said it to, they know what it meant," Beavers said with a twinkle in his eye before the bad news erased it.

That's just as well. Because now he'd have trouble backing it up.

And I got another quote for you. My mom had to tell me about this one. Ald. Darcel Beavers talking to CLTV about her election from AlderTrack...
Ms. Beavers: If a person doesn't know where the streets are, and the directions that the streets go, we'll find out what kind of new day we have.

Reporter: Do you think the people in the 7th Ward are going to be happy?

Ms. Beavers: We'll see. We'll wait and see.

Reporter: What [or when] can we expect to hear from you tomorrow?

Ms. Beavers: Tomorrow, after I lay down and get some sleep, [smiling] get my hair done, my nails done, my toes done, then I'll give you a statement.

Reporter: After the statement what's next on the agenda for you?

Ms. Beavers: I'm still the alderman until someone gets sworn in. So I still have work to do.
I'm sure the bolded part will conjure up all types of stereotypes for what it is worth. Also it was noted on The Capitol Fax Blog that the Beavers campaign got some help from Congressman Jackson's rather perennial rivals the Shaws of the South Suburbs who once upon a time were big shots in the City of Chicago and Cook County with Bill Shaw as mayor of the souther suburb of Dolton, IL...
* 9:53 pm - Sandi Jackson’s big win over Darcel Beavers was extra special for Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s organization today. The Shaw brothers brought troops in for Beavers. The Jackson’s and the Shaw’s are old and bitter rivals.
Well enough about the 7th ward. Remember I said I wouldn't have been surprised if Ald. Troutman (who had been charged with bribery at least a month before the election)had won this bad boy only to find out it wasn't even close. Almost like the 7th Ward, sorry about that. Well she lost as well and I could say hmm perhaps the 20th Warders saw what was up and got her out. Perhaps she had more ego than it's worth.

Finally the 42nd. Ald. Burton Nataurus is out and young Brendan Reilly is in. I know one 42nd Ward resident who's very happy...
In one of the most sudden political upsets in modern Chicago history, after 36 years on the city council, last night Burt Natarus was rejected by the voters of the 42nd Ward, the Ward synonymous with downtown Chicago (and the Ward I call home). Challenger Brendan Reilly, a man who wasn't yet born when Natarus first took office and a virtual unknown to most Ward residents, won the 42nd Ward in stunning fashion, with 55 percent of the vote.

Hands up if you're really that surprised.

Over the past few months, while Natarus continued with business-as-usual (as I lamented in a recent post), persisting in cozying himself to developers at the expense of the residents of the Ward, Reilly decided on a more resident-friendly strategy. He chose to shun developer contributions and instead and at great length (my fellow neighbors, how many postcards did you receive?) promised a Ward managed for the benefit of the people who live here rather than for the people who build here.

If Burt Natarus had once had the courage to send that message to the residents of the 42nd Ward he might still be in office here.
And let me just say Reilly is young enough that I can expect better things from him in the future. I really doubt he will stay an alderman forever, he can use this as a stepping stone. Hopefully though if he can do a good job there he will certainly go forward.

I should talk about Troutman more but there's no time. I'm going to talk about the city electons again later. Stay tuned.

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Third Generation Chicago Native said...

Jesse Jackson Jr. won a lot of votes for Sandi when he publically came out and spoke against Todd Stroger and his irresponsible budget. This did not help Darcel Beavers since her Dad is one of Todd's biggest supporters. I knew this move would help Sandi, but I was surprised it was this much.
I also give Jesse Jr. credit for putting up so many Billboards with Sandi and him all over, that did not hurt either.

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