Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chicago Bears championship history

I still plan to post the history of the Super Bowl soon. Also on the Bears beat I would like for you to visit and look for this post asking about doing a Super Bowl podcast and let them know you want to hear one. I'm not a regular reader there but I'm intrigued by a possible Super Bowl podcast by some football fans for football fans. Anyway enjoy this post. Sports history is my niche!

How appropriate since the Bears are going to the Super Bowl again. Why not rehash the championship history since the beginning of the NFL. And plus I like history it doesn't matter if it's black history, American history, world history, or sports history.

So where do I begin the Bears were founded in 1919 as the Decatur Staleys. Eventually they moved to Chicago in 1921 and became the Chicago Bears in 1922. The team was founded by the A.E. Staley Company and George Halas and Edward "Dutch" Sternahan were hired to run the team in 1920, but by 1921 they had gained full control of the team.

The Bears were a charter member of the National Football League (the league was known as the American Professional Football American association until 1922 when it adopted NFL as its name). They almost won their first football championship against a team called the Akron Pros but the Bears lost. But in 1921 the Staley were champions. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that in the early days of the NFL, a championship was determined by a teams won-loss percentage.

In 1932 the Bears won a playoff game against the Portsmouth Spartans when they were tied for first in the standings. The Bears won 9-0.

In 1933 they played in the NFL Championship game against the New York Giants and they won this game 23-21. This game is historic in that this was the first ever championship game scheduled in the NFL since it was founded in 1920. The Bears would capture the NFL championship in 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946 and 1963.

Then of course there is the 1985 Super Bowl (Super Bowl XX or 20 if you prefer) where there Bears played the New England Patriots and beat them 46-10. We still talk about that Bears team and that game was played 20 years ago. Of course the Bears haven't been near the Super Bowl in years. The last NFC Championship the Bears played in was in 1988. Of course there were 3 playoff appearances in the last decade.

Now the Bears are going to the Super Bowl in 2007!!!!

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