Monday, December 18, 2006

A little politics today...

I saw last night on FOX Chicago News Sandi Jackson give out turkeys while having people sign her petitions so she can run for Alderman of the 7th Ward. She's running against the newly appointed 7th Ward Alderman Darcel Beavers although she hasn't filed her petitions according to AlderTrack (and she has until today to do so). I just know this will be a good race, but I just don't know if things will shakeup there. Perhaps the Beavers mini-machine will win this one but this will still be interesting. Let's see how Ms. Sandi Jackson does in this race and who knows in the future this could mean trouble.

BTW, how about a political lesson by Russ Stewart. Let me note something in addition to a link to the column...
The early outlook: [Dan] Kotowski must be commended for his industry and his insight. He worked ferociously hard, and he won a race that was deemed unwinnable. As such, he is a poster boy for outsiders everywhere: Within reason, any local office can be won by anybody who works hard enough and long enough. Expect Kotowski to win again in 2008 and to be thoroughly entrenched by 2012, when his next term expires.
Let me just say this, as much as I think the internet is the best tool for getting out your message, there will never ever be a substitute for getting out there and campaigning. Visiting homes, churches or what have you. They have to see you out there and on top of that you have to have an organization. The internet will never replace having a ground game!!!

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