Tuesday, December 19, 2006

An interesting discovery...

I was looking at AlderTrack and saw an Ambrosio Medrano running for Alderman in the 25th ward. He's good and ready to go, having filed his petitions on December 11th. He is said to be one of four former Alderman seeking an Aldermanic seat after being convicted felons. Interesting huh?

Then I find something else interesting. Medrano is also the 25th Ward Republican Committeeman. Now given the fact that the Chicago municipal elections (positions up include Mayor, Treasurer, Clerk, and all 50 Aldermanic seats) are totally non-partisan, it is not easy to make an easy accounting of all Republicans running for a seat on Chicago's city council except for those who have actually declared themselves Republican or actually identified accordingly. Easy to do if those Republicans running for Alderman are actually Republican committeeman or have ran for office as a Republican and there's nothing that indicate that they've either switched parties just to run for office or whatever.

Well the fact that Medrano is actually a Republican committeeman is interesting. I just wonder if he's always been Republican even when he was Alderman of the 25th ward. This was the seat he lost in 1996 after having been convicted in the Silver Shovel probes. So he is now running against the man who replaced him in 1996 Danny Solis, I would wonder how being a Republican might help him in this election.

Medrano take responsibility for mistakes
Ambrosio Medrano
Four gear up for 25th Ward FebruaryAldermanic election

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