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They were looking for feedback on whether WWE should continue the ECW brand. ECW recently had a PPV, the December to Dismember. It was said to be very horrible (well I didn't get a chance to watch it). The man who was behind ECW before it became a brand of WWE, Paul Heyman was fired as a result (and it seems that he tried to warn themthat this new PPV isn't going to be very good). The wrestlers who make up this brand aren't very happy, reports are that Sabu seems to want to get fired.

In any case there are plenty of good comments there. Looking at how I wrote it I may need to explain what I said, but I won't. If you readers want me to clarify I will. Here's my two cents...

So far I have only seen one episode of ECW on Sci-Fi. I really liked the first One Night Stand PPV and have not seen the 2nd ONS although it seemed more WWE than ECW looking at the booking.

I was disappointed by the presentation I saw it seemed more WWE than ECW. It was lame that matches end in DQ and that Sabu talked. Sandman and Dreamer were basically a part of the show they don't seem to have a big role on the show. If I was WWE I'd let ECW be ECW be their own show and not try to fit it in with the WWE product. It is fine that they have WWE stars come in and become ECW wrestlers, but I really wouldn't want ECW in there.

So as a WWE fan and an ECW fan. I'd say if anything WWE should rename the company ECW and be done with it. I hated the WWE name change and it looks like they're re-inventing ECW anyway. So it might as well work that way.

The verdict for now is they should just can ECW brand for now.
Have a look at the feedback. I don't know how long they're looking for feedback, but if you have to offer any especially as a ECW/WWE fan then go for it.


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