Saturday, November 18, 2006

Star Trek fan films...

Well I got turned onto this with the fan film, Starship Exter. There are now to be three episodes with the second one in only it's second act with the conclusion coming soon (hopefully). I was pretty impressed with it.

Then I got turned on the Star Trek: The New Voyages. A new take on the original series. I like it but to be honest I can do without the embellishments of the original series characters. They seem to do imitations rather than a fresh take on these characters. I can honest do without that bad wig on the man who plays Captain James T. Kirk.

Rest assured though these are the only criticisms that I offer. If you thirst for Star Trek beyond what is produced from Paramount Pictures. The next film is to be released in 2008 and who knows when the next series might be launched. There are always DVDs of Star Trek films and TV episodes but for something original you've got Starship Exeter and New Voyages.

I haven't seen them all but I would recomment the episode from New Voyages, In Harm's Way. With this episode we see Kirk's predecessor Capt. Christopher Pike take on a fight with Kirk but on two different episdoes. See how.

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