Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I was trying to find some information...

On the black sub machine of years past.

Well you may want to know what that means. In the beginning of the Chicago Democratic Machine roughly when Anton Cermak became mayor of Chicago having started the Democratic Machine it was considered unacceptable for blacks to actually join the regular Democrats so somewhere along the way developed a submachine of the regular machine. William Dawson who was a congressman was a head of this machine and his influence went beyond his ward in Bronzeville. It went to other black areas around the city.

Eventually Mayor Richard J. Daley, who was seeking power decided to break Dawson's power as head of the black submachine and disperse it amongst other blacks. But I wanted to do a little bit better than this little blurb going on some knowledge that I have read in books or even using google. It was interesting to see the machine develop and evolve reading the biography of Mayor Richard J. Daley.

Either way I found something more interesting. Reading Mayor Harold Washington talk about Chicago politics. I just ran across this site from e-Black Chicago. It's some interesting reading and he touches upon the Democratic Machine and Williams Dawson then goes on to talk about blacks as a voting bloc up until his time. It made for interesting reading unfortunately I didn't get to see any of the videos.

Perhaps at some point I will do some further research of this black submachine.

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