Friday, August 25, 2006

Independent voters group backs Todd Stroger

I found this off of Capitol Fax Blog today. Todd Stroger gets an endorsement over this opponent Tony Peraica...

Faced with a choice between a machine politician and a reformer running for Cook County Board president, the Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization endorsed the reformer. But that was in the primary, when the candidates were Democrats John Stroger and Forrest Claypool.

On Wednesday night, board members of the progressive group faced a very different choice between Stroger's son Todd -- an alderman who says he is open to change -- and Republican Tony Peraica, whose conservative views on abortion and gay rights turned off the members.

They voted 11-10 to endorse Stroger.

"It's always very difficult when we're trying to balance social justice issues and governmental reform issues. It was very hotly contested," said Deb McCoy, the political action chair.

Now this is the oddball quote...

"Even though Mr. Peraica has very strong anti-patronage, clean-up-government issues, he has very conservative views," said executive director Aviva Patt. Peraica's candid comments about personally disapproving of the gay lifestyle while opposing discrimination "kind of shocked and offended a lot of people. It had a very strong impact on our members."

Well I consider this oddball but they made their choice. I know it's a difficult one and who knows I'd have done the same thing. I suppose you can't disaprove of a lifestyle then turn around and say I oppose discrimination. For some that's one and the same.

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