Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Grand Ballroom

Over the summer I've driven by this place frequently. It seems that the Grand Ballroom is having another hey day. It was recently refurbished by two entrepreneurs.

Just think as many times as I've rode past this building this was just another building in a struggling neighborhood. However change is a coming. See there is change around the city and this area may prove to be no exception.

This structure is located in the Woodlawn neighborhood. In fact the ballroom is on the 6300 block of Cottage Grove. Going east on 63rd Street you might see a few storefronts but there are vacant buildings. Then you will run into new homes and then before you hit the IC tracks a big church with Arthur Brazier as its pastor.

Change is coming surely but slowly, but this ballroom is just another piece of this puzzle. A place where people can congregate without leaving their neighborhood or even having to go out into the suburbs. Check out the website, the neighborhood may be blighted but look at the pictures of the inside and you can't believe that this is a very classy place to go in the neighborhood. Just goes to show even in the middle of blight there is something to see and indeed something worth saving. Posted by Picasa

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