Thursday, June 22, 2006

Items involving cops...

This story caught my eye first this morning...

Three Chicago Police officers ran away when a fellow officer was struggling for his life with an armed man in a Dominick's store on the South Side, officials said Wednesday.
Two of the fleeing officers were about 10 months into their 18-month probationary period before they could have become full-fledged officers with union benefits.

Those female officers -- called PPOs in cop parlance -- have been fired by police Supt. Phil Cline.

"After reviewing the evidence, it was clear to me that the two PPOs didn't do what they were trained to do, and they put the officer in peril," Cline said.

A third male officer, whose probation ended about three months ago, faces a departmental investigation and possible termination, too.
Damn how did they even get on as PPO's any way. Now the next item has a cop helping a narcotics ring...

According to a 213-page federal complaint, Prairie District Officer Tashika Sledge, 29, helped Lynn Barksdale, a member of the gang's board of directors, by hiding his drug sales paraphernalia.
She also allegedly gave Barksdale access to her police database to help him determine which Mickey Cobras were under surveillance and to identify who was following him by checking vehicle license plates.
Police Supt. Phil Cline said it was troubling that Sledge allegedly betrayed the public trust. She was stripped of her police powers and assigned to a clerical job two months ago when U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officials alerted the department of suspicions about her actions, he said.

She will be placed on a "no-pay status" in light of her arrest, Cline said.

"More than ever, this should illustrate that no one is above the law, not even a police officer," Cline said.
Wow!!! These are some interesting stories.

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