Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Star Trek 11

My photoblog has at least two videos of Star Trek spoofs. One was horrible and I'm willing to bet was something of an amusement for the people involved. It obviously involved a family in front of a blue screen with the original Enterprise crew consisting of McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Checkov, & Scotty. In other words this family became a part of the Star Trek action. The other was titled Scottish Star Trek and I'm not going to elaborate further you just should watch the video.

The next Star Trek movie is going to be released in 2008 according to I've even hear rumors that Captain Kirk might be played by Ben Affleck. The Star Trek franchise normally doesn't seem to spent a lot of money on talent. Thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy for that.

But Ben Affleck as James T. Kirk? I think he'd be a better choice to play Mr. Spock if this Starfleet Academy adventure ever gets off the ground. Though some would say that would be so wrong.

Oh yeah I didn't mention that part. The next movie might be a prequel showing how Kirk and Spock met at Starfleet Academy. I can only hope that they can do this concept some justice when it is finally released to theaters almost two years from now.

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cynthia said...

Since I'm a Star Trek fan, I look forward to this. It is going to be interesting see the new people play old parts.

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