Saturday, April 22, 2006

Remember Cory Booker?

Remember the movie Street Fight? I had a post about that movie last year when I first saw it on PBS. And I should have you know that DVD copies are available. I just have yet to pick up one.

Well in any event four years ago Cory Booker was sitting on Newark, New Jersey's City Council as nothing more than a freshman member then decided to run against Mayor Sharpe James , the entrenched incumbent who pulled not punches in defeating Booker to maintain his mayoralty. Well Booker may no longer be on the city council but he is back to take on Mayor James one more time. I also found out on Backyard Conservative that he is looking at the failure of our schools.

I want to continue to watch what happens in Newark. Indeed I hope there will be a sequel to Street Fight. Well anyway I wanted to bring Mr. Booker to your attention just one more time.

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