Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Plight of black men...

I saw a couple of interesting blog posts on the plight of black men. This issue have been of interest and concern to me. Statistics might prove that there may be more black men going to college than prison, but it seems there those who aren't going to prison don't want to go to college. I can look at two young men who don't have an idea about what they're are going to do.

In fact I mentioned to one of them one day about going to Morehouse and his excuse was, "I don't want to be around all those guys." I told him the ladies are across the street at Spelman but that made no difference. He isn't even thinking about that is what that was about.

I would wonder why it seems that black men don't seem to have an interest in an education. Are the schools not preparing them for college. Honestly it seems in 20/20 hindsight that I wasn't prepared that well for college, but somehow I've managed survive the world of high education. It helps if one works and hang in there because if one just takes themselves out of the game how can they function in this world.

There are a lot of things that can be done about this. I have friends who mentor and unfortunately I haven't done any of that, and let's just say I've tried with my aunt's foster son. Unfortunately it didn't seem to take maybe he'll see what I mean in a few years maybe he won't. A friend of mine also states another intention give back to his soon to be alma mater, Morehouse College.

Just to let you know Morehouse is America's largest private liberal arts institution for black men. Morehouse is known as producing leaders and scholars (something that I said in abother post before I was rudely interrupted). The college has conferred more undergraduate degrees on black men than any other instituation in the world. Morehouse enrolls about 3,000 students.

Well I gave some background here. I want to stop short of representing my school when the focus is on another subject. I submit to you two links that discusses this. They're pretty good links too.

The Plight of Black Men: The Ditch from Peace on That
Six Questions: Asked & Answered from Cobb

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