Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cook County GOP finds improprieties...

Since last year the Cook County GOP have been finding things on city democrats. Not sure if the design is to merely point out violations of law or capitolize on the corruption of the Democratic machine. Either way though I suppose the Cook County GOP is attempting to get itself in the news and let everyone in Cook County know that they have some type of heartbeat.

Last year they made an issue out of the fact that most aldermen and their Democratic organizations operate political activities out of their public funded offices. This is state law and they even posted pictures of the various offices in question.

This year they're still on the issue going so far as to hire investigators to seek out these improprieties. They released a new press release today about election day activites going on in the 9th and 15th ward of the city of Chicago. The organizations of Ald. Anthony Beale of the 9th and Ald. Ted Thomas of the 15th who hosted volunteers with signs for Democratic candidates.

The quotes sound like soundbites. The question is whether you'll see this on the news. They did make the news by announcing a bounty of Mayor Daley's head for any information that could lead to Daley's conviction on corruption. That was derided by many as such a joke. I suppose a means to take on stand on corruption.

Either way here's one of the quotes from this press release...
"These Democratic Aldermen have no respect for the law," fumed an outraged Gary Skoien, Cook County Republican Party Chairman. "They are thumbing their nose at the Illinois Election Code even as an appeal is underway for their previous offenses. The Democrats are shameless."
Well I suppose my only challenge to the Cook County GOP is to come into the city and recruit candidates who can be the change they seek. Until that moment can come, I just might see this as grandstanding. I'm not sure anyone is really that worried about using publicly funded offices for public officials for political work are seen as that big of an issue anyway. Even if this was illegal this may not be a problem for a great many people.


Anonymous said...

This use of taxpayer-funded ward service centers is a blatant violation of election code. It affects statewide and countywide races.

Until recently, we have not had a meaningful presence in Cook County. The Hired Truck and patronage hiring scandals have given rise to Republican anger. We are now in the city and acting as a check-and-balance to the absolute control of the Democrats.

We have recruited a terrific countywide slate. Not only will Peraica be competitive, but Garza for Sheriff may even win. The rest of the slate is outstanding and who knows with the election debacle.

Thank you for addressing this topic.

Tom Swiss
Executive Director
Cook County Republican Party

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell me that election fraud doesn't count if the opponent is not a "credible opponent"? Give me a frickin' break. Just admit that the Cook County Democrats are the most corrupt bunch of politicans on the whole planet and stop trying to pretend they aren't.

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