Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What's new...

I have just celebrated my birthday today. I wanted to do something special here to mark it so here it is...

The picture is a younger version of yours truly with my dad many years ago. He has been dead since 1997. So on my birthday I have this as a tribute to him. I really wish he was still with us today. Without him there wouldn't be me and that's how I look at it amongst other things. So this is my birthday post here.

In other news around here. Well as you can tell I've been tweaking the template of this blog. I have added a Fickr badge to the sidebar under My Pictures. I am only displaying pictures tagged Chicago because for now that is the theme I am using for the badge. This is something I have only thought about since I have seen other blogs using Flickr to exhibit their pictures. I hope to have more pictures to show to you all and not just from around Chicago too.

Well I'd appreciate any well wishes even though my birthday is just about over. Have a happy holidays.

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